New Cranes

With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing of overhead cranes Servacrane have developed a huge range of overhead crane options including single and double girder construction, top running and under slung configurations, goliath and semi goliath designs and a variety of bespoke tailor made systems. cranes-1.jpg
cranes-2.jpg All overhead cranes are fabricated using bridge beams fabricated from universal beams, continental sections or box girder constructions. All fabrication, welding, installation of electrics and testing is carried out by experienced and qualified personnel. With the facilities to manufacture spans up to 30m and capacities up to 25,000Kg Servacrane is your single source for all your overhead crane needs.
Additional options are available including cab/radio control, full maintenance and part service platforms, pendant encompassed weight and hoist operation monitoring, special paint finishes, safety line systems and weatherproofing. All lifting equipment supplied by Servacrane comes complete with a full warranty. cranes-3.jpg